donderdag 24 mei 2012

Jong in Cuba

Pancho Quinto Iya y Michael herrera en las tumbadoras (op conga's), tijdens een Lucomi-ritueel met bata's

In Lucumí public ritual performances, known as toques de santo, song and dance can be supported by one of a variety of percussion ensembles. The most prestigious of these consists of the three double-headed, hourglass shaped drums known as batá. The batá are consecrated drums that are regarded as manifestations of the orisha Aña and can only be handled and performed by initiates of the Aña cult. (Many of the musical and ritual features of the Aña batá are discussed in the following section.) Though toques de batá with consecrated drums are deemed to be the most efficacious of all the public music rituals, there are a variety of other types of ensembles that might be employed instead.

Aberikulá are non-consecrated batá drums. Practitioners often hire an aberikula ensemble to save on costs. Aberikulá also signify lowered ritual expectations. Unlike Aña batá, there is no elaborate pre-ceremonial meal for the musicians or animal sacrifice for the drums.

Aberikulá are also used when Aña batá are not available, as is often the case in rural Cuba, the United States, Mexico, Europe, and other places where the Lucumí religion has spread. Even when Aña batá are present in these areas, aberikulá are often used due to a lack of Aña initiates.

Finally, some orthodox practitioners believe that Aña batá should only be played during daylight hours and will hire an aberikulá ensemble for evening rituals. Whereas Aña batá are constructed from hollowed logs of a single tree and tensioned with either leather straps or rope, aberikulá can be made from a wider variety of materials (including strips of wood, banded together like a barrel, or even fiberglass) and are often tensioned with steel lugs, much like a conga drum. Sometimes, however, they are built to look exactly like Aña batá

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