vrijdag 23 mei 2014

Should Drums Be Sold in Pharmacies?

Nice article by Christine Stevens of Upbeat Drumcircles.
You can read the whole article over here

Some nice parts

A pharmacy exists in my mind, where drums are shelved next to St. John’s Wart as a homeopathic mood-enhancer. Where a directory of rhythmic health facilitators sits on the counter where you pick up your prescriptions. Where a pharmacist hands customers an information page listing local drum circles in their community.

The drum plays a unique and key role in enabling people to experience the health benefits of recreational music making. There is a reason why drumming has been an ancient tool of community health in cultures from Africa, Egypt, Brazil and Cuba. In the Native American culture of the United States, the drum plays a significant role in spiritual practice, ceremony and ritual. In modern day language, these key aspects of group drumming that serve both personal and community health and wellness are as follows;
  • Drumming is accessible – the drum is a user-friendly instrument that everyone can play.
  • Drumming is immediate - it offers a unique learning curve, with fast results.
  • Drumming is inclusive – it creates a common ground for the most novice player and expert alike, the young and old, disabled and able-bodied.
  • Drumming allows self-expression – it is a medium of non-verbal creativity.
  • Drumming allows communication – across cultures, ages, and disabilities.
  • Drumming releases stress – its unique aesthetic enjoyment creates a palette for physical and emotional release.
  • Drumming is a social elixir – it brings people together for an amazing experience in inspiration and connection.
The use of world percussion instruments seems to be a key. Playing with our hands or a single mallet makes drumming most accessible. And still, the crucial element seems to be the focus on fun, self-expression, support, and connection. These are much more important than whether people can read a sheet of music, play a paradiddle or count out different metric signs. In fact, without any knowledge of specific rhythms, I have seen many music therapy clients play amazing rhythms.

Some of this articel is translated in Dutch at https://beenhakkers.nl/zouden-drums-moeten-nworden-verkocht-apotheken/

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